1. Transportation to the hotel is arranged by our hotel representative. Please send us your flight details during your booking process.

  2. Please provide your passport and vaccine certificate to the airport representative. They will keep your passport for administration use and will give it back to you upon checking out or during your stay if required.

  3. Upon arrival your body temperature will be checked by our security at the hotel entrance. A body temperature below 37.3 C or 99.140 F is required to enter our hotel area.

  4. Arrival Form must be completed and duly signed upon Check-In.

General House Rules Of Sari Pacific Jakarta

  1. Please always wear the bracelets given.

  2. For wellbeing reasons, you are not allowed to leave your room during the quarantine period and you are not allowed to have any visitors.

  3. Please limit the number of times that you open the room door and you are advised to remove any rubbish or linen at the same time as when you collect your meals.

  4. Meals and other goods from the hotel will be delivered to you and left outside your room door. (you are not allowed to receive any food and goods from outside the hotel).

  5. To assist with ventilation and air exchanges in your room, please endeavor to keep the bathroom door opened while the bathroom is unoccupied.

  6. Your first PCR test result will be available within 24 hours. In case your results are positive, you will be contacted by a member of the public health team. They will provide you with specific information and support regarding your personal situation. 

  7. You will have another PCR test a day before your departure date. And, you may also be tested if, at any time during your stay, you start to show signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

  8. The test will be performed by The SATGAS Covid-19 and the Ministry of Health appointed laboratory. Front Office Staff will inform you when it will be your turn for the PCR test.

  9. You can leave the room after we have received the negative result from your 2nd PCR test and a Clearance Letter. The Clearance letter will be issued on the last day of your stay (departure date). Our check-out time is at 12:00 noon, should you need an extended check-out time, you may contact our Front Office Staff via extension. Requests for late check-out will be based on hotel availability. 

  10. In case a positive result has been identified, the government authority committee will assist you to be sent to an appointed government hospital - for Indonesian citizens or to an isolation hotel in the case of foreigner nationality.

  11. Also, kindly be informed that you are liable for any damage caused (deliberant negligence, or recklessness act) to the room and its facilities during your stay. Hotel reserves the right to charge your credit card in such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem necessary to compensate or make the good the cost or expenses incurred.

  12. If you feel unwell during your stay, you must inform us for immediate action. The Hotel team will contact the Officer from the Quarantine Department for further instruction.

  13. Hotel is not responsible for any result of the PCR as it is conducted by the appointed government laboratory


  1. Your stay package includes 3 meals per day; in-room breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please refer to the scan QR-code menu.

  2. For convenience during your entire stay, 5 bottles of mineral water have been provided inside the room. Additional bottles can be requested by contacting our room attendant via extension “3”.

  3. Should you wish to order from our room service beside the 3 complimentary meals, please refer to the online menu and if you have any food allergies, please inform a hotel staff member when making the order.

  4. You may order additional Food & Beverage from our Room Service via extension “3”. Our Room Service is 24 hours.

  5. Please be informed that you are not allowed to order any food and beverage from outside the hotel.

Laundry and Cleaning

  1. Your stay package includes the laundry service with maximum 1 set (5 pcs) per day and non-cumulative.

  2. Separate bags will be provided to you for your used linen and personal laundry. Please call the hotel staff when you want them to collect the bag and leave it outside the door to be collected.

  3. Your clean laundry will be available within 24 hours after collection by our staff member.

  4. Routine cleaning for your hotel room will be suspended. You may request cleaning materials to be provided so you can clean your room if needed.

  5. Fresh linen and towels may be delivered to you as required and will be left outside your hotel room door to be collected after the staff member has left the area.



1. What are the terms and conditions to enter Indonesia?
It is required to have a valid residence document/visa, a negative PCR test result and hotel booking for your quarantine regulation before entering Indonesia.  

New Regulation (updated on 5 July 2021).

All International arrivals must show a card of Covid-19 vaccine certificate (full doses). Indonesian arrivals who have not received Covid-19 vaccination from abroad will be vaccinated in Indonesia after the second PCR Test resulted negative.


2. How Sari Pacific was chosen for the quarantine hotel in Jakarta?
Sari Pacific is one of the hotels that have been trusted by the CHSE and PHRI to help this quarantine program because of strong protocol procedure, Satgas TNI and the ministry of health team have been placed in the hotel to guide and guard the quarantine process. Both of the PCR tests are done in the hotel, the Task Force (SATGAS) will issue the clearance form on the 7th day.

3. Can I use hotel facilities like GYM or swimming pool while self-quarantine?
During self-quarantine, guests are not allowed to leave the room during the quarantine period. you can only enjoy the facilities in the room.

4. What kind of facilities and services do I get while self-quarantined in this hotel?
For self-quarantine, this hotel already provides facilities;

  • Wi-Fi access
  • 24 hours in the room dining service
  • Daily complimentary of 5-pcs laundry
  • 2 times PCR test
  • Airport pick up. Daily full-board meals, including in-room breakfast, lunch and dinner

For room facilities;

  • 42-inch TV
  • Pod coffee machine and tea selection
  • Mini bar (available based on request)
  • Safe deposit box
  • Bathtub or rain shower
  • Bathroom amenities


5. Does the hotel provide a PCR test?
The quarantine package also included a 2 times PCR test for guests. 

6. What meal options does your hotel offer?
We provide Western, Asian, Japanese, and pastry menus.
You may find further detail of our menu selection at this link.

* For any request on the meal arrangement you can dial “3” from your room dial to order.

Additional charged room service (a la carte) is available for 24 hours.


7. Do I have to guarantee my reservation?
Yes, once you have booked your reservation, full payment is required. Our hotel will arrange transportation to pick you up at the airport. However, you may inform us in case of a delay in arrival. We will not charge if you inform us at least one day in advance.

8. Can the quarantine package be booked online?
No, it is not possible. The repatriation package can be booked through D’HOTS or you may call our reservation agent at +6221 2993 2888.

For further detail, please check our Repatriation package by click this link.

9. How do I pay for my booking?
By credit card: Our reservation will send you a confirmation letter together with the credit card authorization for you to fill in. Please return the signed credit card authorization to our reservation by email to confirm the payment.

By transfer: Once you have received the confirmation letter, you may transfer the full amount of stay to the Hotel Bank Account.

10. How to cancel the booking?
To cancel the booking, you can contact the hotel +6221 2993 2888. 

You may inform us in case of a cancellation. They will not be charged if you inform us at least one day in advance.

11. Does the repatriation package include tax and service?
The payment already includes tax and services.

12. What kind of transportation do you provide?
The transportation service included in the repatriation package is Innova. For alphard, an additional fee will be charged.

13. What types of rooms do you provide for self-quarantine?
The types of rooms we offer for self-quarantine are deluxe and pacific rooms.

14. Is there a smoking room for smokers?
As required by Government Quarantine Law, you are not allowed to leave your room during the 7 days isolation period and all the repatriation rooms are non-smoking rooms.

15. How is the maximum occupancy per room? 
The maximum occupancy per room is 3 persons.


16. Can the hotel help to buy a SIM-Card?
Yes, we can. However, we are not able to register your Sim-Card. You will need to register by yourself. Please click the link for further information.

17. Can I order food online delivery?
Quarantine guests are not allowed to order food from outside.

18. Does the baby need to do the PCR Covid-19 Test?
It is not necessary for a baby to take a PCR test before flying (depending on which destination the guests are coming from) however every arriving passenger from abroad is required to do two times PCR tests twice at the hotel, without any age exception. 

19. Can the 2nd PCR be done in our hotel room? 
Unfortunately it's not allowed, it must be done in another room outside the room or specific appointed room. 

20. Why do I need to take PCR tests in the hotel if I have a vaccine certificate?
Vaccination helps to prevent people from contracting the virus and developing long Covid in the first place. However, it does not guarantee 100% that people who have been vaccinated will not get the virus. Based on the government decree of international quarantine regulation, you must conduct a 6 days quarantine and obtain a two times PCR test to be stated healthy and can continue their journey in Indonesia.

21. Where should I meet the Airport Representative?
The airport representative will meet you at the Arrival Hall. It would be helpful if you can send a text to the airport representative once you have landed at the airport. Do not forget to bring your QR code to exit the Airport. 

You may contact our Duty Manager at +628151672994 in case of an emergency.

22. Can I use hotel facilities, swimming pool or fitness after I have received a negative PCR Test?
All quarantine guests are not permitted to use hotel facilities during the quarantine period.


23. What is D-HOTS and how do I get a QR code to exit the Airport?
Once the booking has been confirmed, a QR code and data arrival form will be sent to your email through the D-HOTS system. Please bring and show the code at the airport arrival hall, terminal 3. Please make sure every international visitor fills in the arrival data prior to arrival at the hotel to speed the check in process. Please make sure you give a valid email address. If you have not received a QR code, you will not be able to exit the airport. Please ask the hotel to re-send the code.

Please check the video.


24. Can guests receive or order food from outside?
You are not allowed to receive any food and goods from outside the hotel.


25. Is there any room with a balcony?
We provide a room with a balcony. However for safety reasons, you must sign a disclaimer form and balconies and windows we do not recommend to be opened.


26. Can guests receive goods, medicine or vitamins from outside?
We are not allowed to receive any goods or food from outside. But, if guests need medicine or any goods, we can help to get the medicines or vitamins.


27. Can a family member visit the repatriation guest?
No. Guests are not allowed to have any visitors from outside during self-quarantine.


28. Do you have a connecting room?
No. We provide connecting rooms for guests based on request subject to availability.


29. If the result of 1st PCR is positive, is it possible to refund the payment?
Yes. If the result of 1st PCR is positive (on the airport), hotel will refund and the guest will be relocated to another quarantine hotel, Wisma Atlet (WNI), or hospital and it will be charge one night, one times PCR, transport to the quarantine hotels/Wisma/Hospital.


30. What if the 2nd PCR is Positive?
If the result is positive, members of the public health team will contact you and provide specific information to support your personal situation. Then you will be relocated to another quarantine hotel, Wisma Atlet (WNI), or hospital.


31. Do you provide food for infants? 
Yes. We do not provide special food for infants. However our chef will do the best to accommodate your infants needs.


32. Can we borrow sport equipment such as yoga mat, dumbbells, etc?
Guests are allowed to borrow sports equipment. All workout activities are permitted inside the room only.


33. How many bottles of mineral water do hotels provide per day?
We provide 5 bottles of mineral water per day per room. For additional requests, you may dial “3”.


34. Does the hotel serve some specific food due to the guest's condition (allergic to some food)?
Yes. If guests have certain allergies to food, guests can inform us when booking or prior to checkin-in a reservation.


35. Can I request the room attendant to clean my room or change my bed sheet/towel?
No. Based on Government regulation, hotels do not allow you to clean guest rooms that are in quarantine. But we provide a bed sheet or towel for the guest. Guests need to change their own bed sheets and the cleanliness of the hotel rooms is the responsibility of the guests.


36. If during my stay I have a health problem, will the hotel assist the doctor?
Yes. The hotel has a 24-hours medical assistant. However if there is a health emergency, the hotel will immediately call an ambulance and you will be referred to the nearest hospital as the medical expert suggests.


37. Does the hotel provide Pick-Up services?
Yes, it does. The repatriation package includes pick-up transportation.


38. How long does the registration process take at the airport?
Upon arrival, guests must scan the barcode at the airport arrival hall, terminal 3. Please make sure every international visitor fills in the arrival data prior to arrival at the hotel to speed the check in process. Please make sure you give a valid email address. If you have not received a QR code, you will not be able to exit the airport. Please ask the hotel to re-send the code. Then you will do a PCR test and the result will be out in about 2-5 hours after taking the sample. If you are positive, you will be relocated to another quarantine hotel/hospital/Wisma Atlet (WNI) by the ministry of health team.


39. If traveling on a different flight, can guests repatriate together?
No, it is not possible.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at this link.