À La Sous Vide Fiesta

Vacuumed and sealed in airtight plastic bags, utilizing precise temperature control with slow-cooking technique and special equipment, our Sous Vide products have consistent quality results to ensure the food is moist, juicy tender, and has better nutrition to enjoy.

These legendary secret French-cooking dishes will only need to be reheated to fill in your palate.


- Roasted Chicken for IDR 90,000nett

- Steamed Hainan Chicken for IDR 90,000nett

- Salmon Steak for IDR 155,000nett

- Oxtail Soup for IDR 168,000nett

- Sirloin Steak for IDR 185,000nett


Place the order min. 8 hours in advance and serve delicious food like a true chef at home. Voila!


Terms & Conditions:

- The prices exclude the delivery costs and may vary according to the delivery service

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